HCMG 2017

December 11-December 12, 2017

Westin Crystal City, Arlington, VA

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Whitepapers and Reports

The Road to OMB's New Mandate: A Key Learning Report

How have you reacted to the impact of OMB memo M-17-22? That's the question Acendre and HCMG put to an expert panel of human capital management specialists representing agencies such as NASA and the DHS. Originally a webinar presentation, you can find the key learnings you may have missed boiled down into this concise and informative report. You too can use the memo as a catalyst for an invigorated strategy and better outcomes for your employees. Click the image to the left to download now!

Reaching the Future State: Proactive workforce planning for the next generation of government agency needs

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During an October 2016 webinar Mission Critical: Proactive Workforce Planning for the Next Generation of Agency Needs—hosted by HCMG in partnership with Acendre—representatives from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Department of the Interior shared their insights into overcoming challenges to successful workforce planning, recruitment, training and security among government agencies.

Key topics include:
  • Identifying and addressing skills gaps and workforce trends
  • Using data and analytics to advance workforce planning efforts
  • Recruiting young professionals during a time of mass employee retirement
  • Training and transitioning institutional knowledge
  • Preparing for the next generation of cyber attacks

Attendee List

HCMG 2016 Attendee List

Since 2006, we have brought together more than 400 HR Directors and managers to tackle their most pressing workforce challenges, at two unique training events per year.

This year, we establish one large combined show (Human Capital Management Federal Human Capital Management Defense) to hear multiple perspectives from across many agencies, focusing on actionable solutions in this budget constrained environment. Welcome to Human Capital Management Government 2016.

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Nurturing Leaders in a Diverse and Engaged Workforce

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As the election year continues, government human capital managers are busy managing transitions of their own. The development of leaders continues to drive the conversation around HR priorities, with an increasingly mounting imperative to replace senior employees as they enter into retirement. The 2016 edition of the Human Capital Management report covers how human capital needs have developed in 2016, and what leading agencies are doing to address their ongoing challenges.

  • Using mentorship as a development tool
  • Bringing Millennials into the workforce
  • Building a culture of engagement and positivity

HCMG 2017 Benchmark Study: Strategies for targeted leadership training, talent management, and low-cost engagement

New for 2017, HCMG and Cornerstone OnDemand are proud to present the 4th consecutive annual State of Human Capital Management Report. Containing the direct insights of several government HR leaders, it's a powerful tool for refining and comparing your own talent management strategy in a new year, with new challenges.

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HCMG 2017 Attendee List

HCMG 2017 Attendee List

Download the latest version of the HCMG 2017 attendee list! Click on the image on the left. Last updated 10/27.

HR Trends that Influence HR Management Best Practices

We examine current HR trends and their impact on organization best practices, which may suggest some solutions or, at least, better understanding of the issues.

Building a Culture of Excellence and Engagement: The 2015 State of Human Capital Report

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The HCMG 2015 State of Human Capital Report combines proprietary benchmark data and analysis with insight from leading government executives to highlight the most pertinent challenges and opportunities facing those tasked with securing the next generation of human capital. The report takes a close look at issues including:

  • Millennial outreach and engagement
  • Inter-agency talent development and skill retention
  • Combating low levels of employee engagement

HCMG Innovation Brief

For Human Capital leaders, it is more critical than ever to truly understand how to maintain employees engaged and how to find the best talent for the challenges ahead. In this innovation briefing, we give a snapshot of how to successfully recruit the next generation of government talent.

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